First try, Copper Inlay

First try, didn’t turn out to bad. Copper wire inlay.


Just love the copper inlay effect! (Haven’t tried it yet, so it’s fun to see what everyone else is doing.) :grinning::+1:


:grinning:,yes it is, I look everyday.

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Wow! That looks great!

Nice contrast between the metal and wood. Did you use an adhesive to secure the wire?

Mostly yes on both ends and longer mid points(super glue), made the trough slightly smaller then the wire, so it would hold itself when wire tapped in. Planning for longer pieces was my biggest mistake, maybe starting from middle out would have been better.
Inlay videos on YouTube were a help.


That looks great. So many techniques to try, so little time…

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Looks really cool.

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This is gorgeous! What gauge did you use, if you don’t mind me asking? Is this square wire?

Not flat, regular 12 gauge, took neutral out some left overs, annealed wire to soften a bit, make the cut out just a little smaller than wire to super glue and tap in. Sand off till smooth, I cheated and used a belt sander but did not let it get hot. Random Orbital to finish, stain, four coats tung oil. Good luck


Nice! All of my inlay attempts this far have been abject failures so it’s nice to see it can in fact work (at least, for some people).