First try cutting and engraving cardstock

I have wanted to learn to engrave cardstock, and I decided to work on Mother’s Day cards for my mom and sister-in-law. My background is on the engineering side, not the art side, but I am having fun learning and applying new skills.


Very pretty! I’m a huge fan of hand-made cards. :grinning:


What kind of sustem did you use to keep these down.

I went with super-easy and used blue painter’s tape on the corners. The air assist blew the small pieces out of the way, but I did keep a close watch in case of flare-ups. No problems. On another design I engraved today, I learned that engraving over the blue tape marks the tape but not the paper with the settings I used. Cutting goes right through the tape, though.

Material thickness: 0.01"
Engrave: 1000/25 125 LPI (75 LPI on the blue and coral design)
cut: 500/47

Here’s a shot of the setup:


They came out very nice! I especially like the chrysanthemum one.


Love the top one especially … Purple is very pretty!

Yay! I love that you’re learning new things!

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