First try with vellum


Thought I’d try using vellum to engrave a skeleton leaf. Thought it turned out decent. Next try I’ll increase the power a little to darken the engrave a bit.


Fantastic detail!


Whoof! Just realized I have a use for the stacks of vellum I’ve got clogging up the storage room upstairs!

Great job! :smile:


That’s really beautiful. The effect is nice and subtle and would look great in a lamp shades.


Great idea!


Gorgeous. Mind sharing your settings?


Engrave S - 800, P - 3 (I’m planning to increase slightly), lpi - 270
Cut S - 300, P - 5, 2 passes


Wow … Might have to try some of these for Thanksgiving / autumn cards.


Holy crap this is awesome! I have a bunch of printable vellum, I wonder what it would do to a printed image on the vellum. Well I know what I’m doing with my morning tomorrow. Time to make me a leaf vector.


Ooooooo, really nice! I too have a bunch of vellum to try. Yhese will make lovely embellishments for cards.


Exactly what I was thinking. Also an overlay to a card.


This is so cool! I’ve wanted to stick vellum in and see what happened before, but I couldn’t figure out what it’s made of. The modern stuff is coated in some kind of plastic or something, right?