Fish and Bird Puzzle

Thanks to the design repository posted by @m_raynsford (thanks again!), here is the puzzle my sister and I cut for her yesterday. Actually, I guess you’d call it a conversation piece rather than a puzzle, but I love how it came out:

Cut from Proofgrade maple plywood (can we call it maply for brevity?) and features were scored using the high quality setting (forget what it’s called).

I did have to do a little work in illustrator, as I decided on a much smaller puzzle than his design called for (fewer pieces). Also, I created the outline that allowed me to make a custom tray for it. The backing is Draftboard.


This is very cool! And…I like the new word/description…maply. Slowly, our own forum lingo is evolving. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I really should look into tessellation… The designs always look awesome.

Turned out great! I love the Escher stuff. :grinning: