Five free designs are about to be posted to our marketing list


these designs appear to have a slightly less restrictive license than the ones in the catalog, adding them there would negate that.


Yes. I wonder how fast it cuts though. I sell a lot of cribbage boards but mine are all 3D carved from solid cherrywood on the cnc machine.


That is very nice carving. Does it take a lot of standing to make it look so good? :grin:


Zero sanding. I use a 1mm radius tapered ball end mill and 8% step over. This one I believe I used a 0.5mm radius tapered ball end mill.


that’s a lovely design, bet you sell a lot of those.


i love how 90% of us still do not have the designs but the glowforge people have just stopped commenting on this thread all together


@jbv I’m probably not thinking about all the angles I guess but I’d assume they could mix and match license rights with designs on the catalog. I’m not overly concerned though. I’m still looking for the rubber band drone design!! :wink:


Yup. Annnnny day now! Wait for it. Waaaaaaait for it…


The official Glowforge motto.


These just showed up in my email, so if you are one of the many who hadn’t gotten them, you might want to check now.


The email subject is “Guess Which TV Star Just Got A Glowforge?”



just showed up here as well.


I got them too, at about 9:23 MT.


Thanks. Mine arrived as well.


Aaaaaand it’s here. Told you guys it was just a matter of :glowforge: time being wibbly wobbly!


Chuckle! Finally figured out how to get Google Drive to let them go…:laughing:
(Thank you @dan and the Design Team!)


Just signed up for this email list! Hopefully I’ll still get those designs? :wink:


They were in my design page last week (could have been for months) when I had occasion to page down through it. I haven’t done that in a long time. They were scattered amongst my own designs.

Never saw an email until today’s announcement about the Maker show lady getting one.


For all I know, they are in mine too, but I have like 20 gazillion designs there, and since they can’t be organized or searched in any useful way, I simply pay no attention there, and just load what I need from my own files, where I can search and organize. :smiley:
I was just letting people know there was a new email out that had them since everybody kept asking.


OK…that was sort of a weird way to receive those. I got the email this morning, read it through then trashed it, not realizing that the free designs link was on there. I managed to retrieve the email and got all the designs, as well. But, I would NEVER have known about the link being in that email if I hadn’t been reading in the forum. Quite the treasure hunt! Now, it remains to be seen whether I will want to use any of them. Thank you though, to the GF team for coming through with the offer.