Fix your Wifi connection Issues by Grabbing a Little Distance (video)

For some reason in my classroom the wifi (of the glowforge) was not visible to devices as I tried to run setup. Button glowed green, but as I tried phones, laptops, etc, but the lovely THX-363 would not appear… until the GF and I took a short road trip. :+1: I guess the moral of the story is move it or lose it. It is more clear when you see the video, but I moved the GF about 50 feet into a hall way… and the GF wifi was visible as it should be.

Hope no one else is struggling, but if you are, it may help.

Have a great week!


Sorry. Post was flagged for some reason. You can track it down on YouTube though if you want.

Even though flagged, it’s still not really searchable by anyone who may actually need the information. They’ll have to click, leave the website and go to YouTube, to see if this may or may not be their issue.

Seems it would give you more exposure if you could:
post a short description of the issue and solution?

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I get that, but I was on the road yesterday and missed the deadline to change it… I will shoot a note to Jules and see what I can do to get it back in play.

No worries - if you want to edit the original post, just add a description here as a comment and I can fix it. I really appreciate you taking the time to make the video, and it would be even more amazing if you were able to summarize the findings in text as well.


I made a few changes the other day… I think they are showing up as they should now. Thanks!

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Great tip. Thank you!

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