Fixed a problem with "uncategorized"

When I first set up the forum, I renamed “uncategorized” to “everything else”. That was a mistake, because Discourse couldn’t decide if it was a real category or not, and often left the category field blank for everything-else stuff. It also made alerts in the category work poorly.

I created a new “everything else” category and moved all the posts over, then hid the “uncategorized” category.

This will probably break everything irrevocably, so apologies in advance and it was fun while it lasted.


Well, at least it might slow the onslaught that is my Unread page.


No, it works.
Thanks Dan, I finally got to post what I wanted to show.


Dang it @dan! First you break all the Pro units, then you break the forum! Bad CEO, go sit in the corner. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So that’s what happened! Everything I’m having to catch up on in the category dates back to early May! :rofl:

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