Fixing a broken ceiling above a water boiler

Our water heater went out on the day before New Year’s Eve, and this is the repair of the ceiling in the boiler room. not a room that we care about aesthetics :slight_smile:

Who is jealous of the spray foam artwork in there? :slight_smile:


Looks very similar to the refrigerator door repair that hubs pulled off over the weekend…he had to saw the excess off flat. :laughing:

“There’s a fungus among us.”


I had to make a similar repair, except using galvanized steel plate - because the holes were made by freaking rats eating their way into my house!

Thankfully, that’s been almost two years ago without further intrusion.


Next I need to repair our freezer door outside, too many projects on top of it collapsed it a little bit. Now it rusts and condenses water.

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Well, that is the reason for this repair…

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Eek… sorry! They’re impossible to keep out of attics and crawl spaces here.


Actually, that’s exactly what happened to our outside unit.

He used a can of stuff called “Rust Restorer” that breaks the rust down into a paintable surface…give it a try. It was like magic.

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Yep, after this job the attic has become a fighting ground

Lots of cayenne pepper, It burns their feet to walk over and their mouth when they lick it off.

I had an impossible situation in Miami some years ago. The apartment house next door had their garbage cans two feet away from a house that was 100 years old (ancient for the area but not in a good way) Keeping the rats out was impossible so I made up a batch of grits, chocolate, and plaster that would cause permanent constipation. It did not solve the problem totally but did reduce it a lot.


Nice patch! Much neater than a jig saw cut (at least mine).

And nice art installations! I have lots of that ceiling art, too, still visible in my basement, but each of mine is smaller, from every hole the electrician or plumber made when I had my old house rewired & replumbed–the inspectors may not have caught everything, but they didn’t miss need for Fireblock!