Flag Standard for Wood Badge

Made our flag for Wood Badge (adult leader training for Scouts BSA). It’s about 20"x20" on Baltic birch hardwood from home depot ($16 for 2’x4’ piece). We were the Antelope patrol. The 3D antelope head is a design from ameede.com which I tweaked a bit and cut out onto proofgrade medium draftboard for a very snug fit (zero glue needed). I zip tied that to a piece of PVC so it could easily be removed and used as a centerpiece on our table. The small Wood Badge logo and Baden-Powell pic are vector images I made/converted/cleaned. The BSA logo was also vectored and tweaked to be glowforge-friendly. The design was cut/ colored into 3 sections so it could be shoved thru the pass through slot.

20190518_103559 20190517_045740


Cool! (That uses all kinds of techniques to great advantage!) :sunglasses::+1:

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Wow, what a memorable piece you have created! The antelope topper is a great accent.

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Excellent! Very impressive!

Brilliant! I love it.
Nicely done indeed. :slight_smile:
I’m headed for WB in September.

I came on here to look for Wood Badge ideas… I am an Amazing Awesome Antelope and your flag is the coolest thing I have seen. My course was in 2002… and in 2004 I staffed. Unfortunately a bit before the GF came out! I have been looking and looking for WB laser templates to buy and can’t seem to find any anywhere… If you see this and have an idea of where to check… I would be thrilled.

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Excellent work! Showcased just about everything a GF can do.

BTW, congratulations on earning your Woodbadge! No easy feat.