Flair for ring alarm panel

New ring alarm panel left an ugly boarder on unpainted areas. Fired up the laser cutter and burned out a nice boarder. It also functions as a key holder.

It was Simple to do make with Glowforge. Material is eight inch Baltic Birch with 50/50 mix of walnut and provincial stain.

New alarm panel installed. Wasn’t as big as previous panel and showed old paint.

Made a Lloyd inspired boarder that slips under ring panel using existing mounting hardware.

Photo of ring bracket installed on top of new border.

Complete install with keys hung.


Great idea!

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That is awesome!

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Fantastic idea and great execution. LOVE it!

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I have a similar issue with a thermostat. Great Idea! I am off to solve a problem!


Practical yet decorative—perfect!

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Looks really nice, plus always nice to have a place to hang a key!

Eloquent solution! Well Done!
Welcome to the community. :sunglasses:

I’m right there with you: Anything to avoid painting. :laughing:

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Good fix.

Great design, functional and looks great. Easier than painting the wall or room as well lol

So simple yet so brilliant! Thanks for sharing!!!