Flat Space around Escutcheon

I couldn’t find this in the other escutcheon posts. Since I don’t have the GF yet, no way to confirm. I’ve seen an inside diameter for the escutcheon of 40.4mm. I’d be much happier with inches. But, how far is it to the edge of the machine? Meaning how much flat space is there before the escutcheon hangs over the edge?

1.6 inches ID for the hole, 1.983 inches to the raised lip at the edge.


Thanks! That 1.983" is to the left, right, bottom?


There’s, like, 2.75 inches to the right edge (not exact because I’m the world’s worst measurer. Seriously). And slightly less than that to the left side (towards the door. The lid. The openy part where you put stuff in).