"Fleather" Bracelet


I haven’t made any of these in a while. This one was a custom order. I like how it turned out! :slight_smile:

First Leather Project on the Glowforge

Lovely colors!


Thanks! The gold edges didn’t really show up in the photo, but it looks great in person. Unfortunately I didn’t look at the photos before I shipped it off, so it’s too late to retake them!


Lovely! That flame-like coloring is so well done.


The colors are beautiful!


Nice blending of colors.


I LOVE this! Wonderful job.


Gorgeous colors!


Those colors are awesome! Would you share some techniques for getting them so vibrant?


Beautiful work


I think it’s more a function of the paint than the technique. I just use regular acrylic paint, and a barely damp angled flat paintbrush. I start with the edge color, brushing it toward the center, then the inside color, brushing from the center vein out and overlapping into the edge color. Then light streaks of any other colors I want to add – always following the contour of the feather “hairs.” Then I highlight with gold alcohol ink around the edges, let it all dry for a bit, and rub on/buff about 3 coats of clear Kiwi shoe polish.



I dunno, I think your technique makes it! Nice touch with your brush. :+1: