Flex Risers

I didn’t realize so many people would comment about my flex risers. I use these when I remove the crumb tray and put in whatever jig I need.

The basic idea:

  1. Remove the crumb tray.
  2. I usually lay a thin piece of cardboard on the bottom (like a cereal box), just to help clean up any messes and protect the bottom of the laser from scratches.
  3. Place a 1" coin magnet in the bottom of the riser. This will give it a solid grip to the bottom of the laser.
  4. Use popsicle sticks to make levels at specific heights. Ideally, the top of the object being lasered should be slightly above the height of the risers. Popsicle sticks don’t have to go through at right angles; the boxes support 45-degree angles. And if the item is round (like a vase or tube), then use wire or pipe cleaners to make a curved bridge between the risers.
  5. One side of the riser box is open. This way, you can use the risers to help brace objects, regardless of the shape. If you have a pointy object, like a star or square tile, then you can put the corners in each riser box.
  6. For focusing the laser, I place a flat piece of acrylic or wood on top of the riser, at the same height as the item being lasered. This creates a surface for auto-focusing before lasering.




Thank you. These are so useful and clever. Love the modular aspect.


Welcome to my world of posting on one thing and everyone obsessed about something else in the photo. The risers are pretty cool though.


Thank you so much! These will be very useful!


So awesome of you to share! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


What a great practical design; thanks so much.


Thank you for sharing this! It’s ingenious.


That is a great practical design, and should be a must to cut as soon as you own a laser, much like the bed hold down pins. Thank you for sharing the file!


Thank you! These will be very handy!


Thank you for sharing this great idea. I’m a new owner and can see that these will be helpful tools to have. How do I download the file? I don’t see where to do that. Again, thank you so much!!


Welcome to the GF community! Just right click on the image and “save image as” to whatever directory you want on your computer. It will save it as an SVG file that you can then “upload file” on your dashboard. And yes, you will find many files here that are fun and useful. Be sure to get the free “bed pins,” “honeycomb pins,” and “no-focus math ruler.” These are all super useful, especially the no-focus math ruler when you want to engrave on something that’s too tall for the crumb tray.