Flexible Ear Saver Prototype

I haven’t been able to fully test this prototype design out properly… but, in an attempt to make the ear savers a little more comfortable, and possibly create less stress on the overall piece, I thought adding a flex cut would be help distribute the stress applied? Instead of the pressure from the pull of the ear saver strings pulling against the flat shape on both sides, this should pull along the length of the “arms”. I’m not a physicist, just an artist. This might not be strong enough to be very durable. Just thought thought I’d share this is case it could spawn more ideas from others.
Also, I’m a little limited on supplies at the moment, which is why this was done on 1/8" proof grade maple plywood. I’m putting a layer of shellac on this so I can clean it later, for personal use. But, acrylic would be better obviously. I included the svg file as well, in case anyone want’s to try it out.
Stay safe makers!


Nice piece of innovation there! :sunglasses: It stretches and bends.

I would think the living hing would make it more breakable.



Acrylic doesn’t tolerate repeated flex, and cut acrylic has a lot of stress along the cut edges making it even more prone to breaking.

Yea, I figured acrylic would be better sanitation wise, but not so much durability wise. We’ll see how the wood with shellac does though.

Depending on how many cuts share the load a living hinge can be very flexible.


It this design out of Lucent might be a real winner. I’ll have to try it.

Wonder how well they’ll pack into a sheet? I might see how multiples will nest.

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