Flight Boards

I’m interested in making custom flight boards. Can these be made from plywood (thinking 2 quarter inch layers) or do they require a solid piece

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Are you talking about the trays that have small samples of beer?
I am not a drinker, so haven’t seen them up close, but I think I would make a solid bottom and an upper layer with cutouts for the bottoms of the glasses and glue them together.
You could make some nifty shapes for the whole thing and not be limited to rectangles or ovals.


If @Helene’s guess is correct you could do them out of plywood but you’d have to seal them so they don’t fail when they get wet - I think a hardwood would look better since you’d be seeing the cut edge. You’d want to seal a hardwood too, but it’s less of a must and more of a should :slight_smile:


Flight board:


They can, but they tend to look better out of a hard wood. I see no issue with the function of plywood other than what deirdrebeth said.