Flip Flops

I did a search to see if Flip Flops are safe to laser-couldn’t find what i needed although some hilarious discussion on ‘thongs’ :-). Some of them identify as Eva foam so I’m good there. Some are ‘rubber’ but I don’t know which kind. Any guidance on flip flops in general. I’m looking at the cheap ones to laser for family at the beach…

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Since they are cheap, sacrifice the bottom of one and perform a flame test for Chlorine compounds. I posted some results a while back:

Here’s a link to the procedure itself:

Dan also posted a very important follow-up:


Thanks @dwardio , I’ll give this a try…always seen it in discussion but have never tried it!

It’s interesting when you do it. I recommend having a control (one known unsafe item and one known safe item) that you use first. It really helped me to understand the process.


Yup. Luckily(?) there’s a known-unsafe control on any roll of insulated wire. From my post quoted above:

Control test: PVC insulation on electrical wire – bright green flame = BAD

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I put rainboots in my GF last week…it did NOT turn out right…but more in one of those “well it’s not those settings” ways. Anyways, you need to make sure of the material composition first. So its not simply “Flip Flops” as it is “flat surface with X% silicone”.

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