Floating Acrylic House Numbers (Comic Sans Of Course!)

Now days we get multiple deliveries per day from the likes of Amazon, USPS, FedEx, UPS, Instacart, etc. I noticed that we have no house numbers on the house—only on the mailbox and curb. Time to break out the Glowforge!

I liked the “floating” look I’d seen here somewhere? The black acrylic PG numbers float above the house siding and are held there by screws which protrude from the siding thanks to two magnets inset into the backside of each acrylic number. The screw heads “click” the numbers in place.

I used eight 8 mm diameter by 2 mm thick neodymium rare earth magnets from the Gaussboys. (BTW: Their Website is a “rabbit hole” for someone like me!) I used both score and engrave to make recesses for the magnets.

The inset magnets are held in place with a drop of glue.

Printing out a copy of the Inkscape SVG file to scale (“reversed”) gave me a drilling guide. I painted the heads of the eight screws for weather proofing. Unfortunately they are not stainless steel.

Now my house numbers match my curb and mailbox. (The mailbox numbers need work—wrong font, not comic sans!)

If you’re ever worried that the police might raid your house it’s easy to switch around the numbers! :sunglasses:


Love the magnet idea. Never would have thought of that.


We generally just spend the night at the still if we are feeling edgy.


I hear music with that “at the still in the Night” Doobie doo doobie doo.


Never was a fan of Brylcreem, so was pretty much ready when the Stones and the Beatles arrived.
My younger sister wore the grooves out on a few Elvis 45’s and guaranteed I would never listen to any of his music. Ever.
The bee bop like Satins I could at least abide.

Back on topic. Nice numbers.
We have a lot of wind here. Things not hard mounted tend to belong to some neighbor far far away.
If not for that wind I would steal this idea in a nanosecond.


I may well be looking for our house numbers in the bushes! But the house, and especially the porch, is sheltered and we rarely get strong wind storms here in San Diego. That being said the Gaussboys have much stronger magnets. Or, maybe I can epoxy matching disc magnets to the heads of the mounting screws.

Predictably my wife commented negatively on the Comic Sans font. She complained that “the 5s are bigger than the 8 and 3.” I replied “that’s Comic Sans…didn’t you notice that our curb numbers are the same?” She said: “They are!? I don’t like it”.

Then it occurred to me that we can have easily changeable house numbers. How about seasonal house numbers? Maybe do it like Google’s home page—different “fonts” for different days.

Gotta do it! Maybe some Papyrus house numbers? (My daughter calls Comic Sans and Papyrus teenage girly fonts.)

Stay tuned… :sunglasses:


Except for the two-piece 4, here’s Aurebesh.


Really cool idea with the magnets.


This is a great project and I think having exchangeable seasonal letters is a very cool idea! So many creative possibilities. The project also belongs in the practical cuts thread.


Snakes for St. Patrick’s Day? :grinning: :snake:


They look good!

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I think it looks good- even in Comic Sans! LOL

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Hehe I love “old scotch” font and one day hopefully I will also do this! Our house is unlabeled ever since I painted just the front of the house a different color five years ago, then three years ago painted it a different color, still not the same color as the rest of the house. (Both while my wife was out of town)


But she still figured out which house was yours? Next time just change the locks.


Hahahahaha that’s awesome.