Floor Vent Covers

Our office wasn’t getting enough air flow with a single vent register, so I built a replacement for the floor vent cover with some fans. I tried getting the bevel on the edge with a gradient, but the grain of the wood made it very uneven and wound up just taking it down with a sander. It’s made out of a 1/4" oak hobby board from home depot.



Very cool :sunglasses:


I’d be interested in hearing if it makes a difference or not. Good Idea.


pretty neat, did you reinforce the back side a bit as well?

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Looks great! I bought one for our 2nd floor bedroom some years back. Only one fan, but has a sensor that makes it run when the heat is on or the air is on.

It can make a 10 degree difference in our room. The other three bedrooms are fine, but with a cathedral ceiling in the master and the master bath it racks havoc with the temps. No attic space there to help either.


Those look really nice, and if it works it is a fine practical cut.

Yeah, it really helped. It was up around 85 with all the computer stuff running in here. This brought it down to about 77. The door is usually closed to keep the cat out so the circulation isn’t usually good, but this forces the air conditioning into the room.


I don’t think it needed it. It’s under the desk though so it doesn’t get stepped on.



This is so smart. I love smart, practical projects. This one is good-looking too!


So does your fans run constantly or did you install a sensor on it?

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Hmmm I had a very similar problem, but the weight of a power chair with me in it and the vents right where one had to go, it was not long before they broke under the weight. So I made this of 3 layers, one big and two smaller that fits in the hole,

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I had no idea these booster fans existed! Now to figure out how to set one up from a ceiling vent.

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Same here! I need to figure out how to do this for a ceiling vent.

I set it up to just run constantly as the computers in that room are always generating heat. The place I got the fans from (AC Infinity) has a thermostat option, but I just got the high/med/low switch and leave it running all day. Even if the air conditioning isn’t on, it will draw air from cooler rooms through the ducts.

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What material did you cut that out of? The 1/4" oak I used seems pretty sturdy and I guess I also didn’t have as much cut out as you did to force the fan flow through.

Oh man, if you do that, can you please put a tutorial on here? I have a bonus room over the garage that gets unbearably hot in the summer. And has at least two vents in the ceiling.

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Pretty simple. I used the S5 (80mm) fans from AC Infinity and the attached template. I took the grates off the fans to let just that little bit more flow through them, but left the grommets on to prevent vibration (needed new nuts & bolts for that). My vents are a weird size ( 14x4 otherwise I would have just tried to buy something), so I needed to use those small fans. If you’ve got a 6" vent you should step up to a larger fan.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to engrave the bevel around the edge - it didn’t work well and I would up just sanding them. You can grab the fan template cutouts from the SVG I attached here if you want to use the same size fans. I used a dremel on the back side to route out a groove to run the wire.

For a ceiling vent, you would need screw holes to attach it too. For the floor vent, it just sits in the duct with gravity holding it in place. I didn’t have to worry much about wire management either since they could just hang down once cable tied.


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do you have an insulated GARAGE door?

That could be your first step, though clearly not a cheap.

However, an INSTANT fix is… my daughter’s room is OVER the 3 car garage. so we also have rule that in the summer with the AC on. all upstairs doors remain closed. so the hot air from the rest of the house doesn’t get sucked in and have to be cooled as well. This works for a single unit house(like our last one) and a dual unit house.(this one)

you would be amazed at what difference that might make. but if your garage door is not insulated and has the sun beating on it, gonna be tough.

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Yeah the power is the issue, I’m not sure how we could run it and not be in the way.

We just have a builder grade door, so I’m going to guess probably not. But it’s funny, I figured if we left doors open, maybe cold air would find its way in (the adjacent closet stays pretty cool), and the room is nowhere near the thermostat. So when it is 72 upstairs it’s usually 80 in that room on a hot day like today.

The only solution the hvac guys ever give me is to get a dedicated unit for just that room (because of course that is what they would say). And, the only window faces the street so a standalone unit with a window vent is not allowed by the hoa.

There are some other units you can get. I cannot recall but it wouldn’t be a window unit.

look at Mitsubishi units!

gotta get off here storming.

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