Floret geodesic sphere


Stats: 180 faces, 450 connectors for a total of 630 parts. Several hours to weed and assemble, I’m going to have to ice my poor fingers.


Amazing !


Oh my god. This is some pretty awesome work! Did you design the whole thing? Was it easy to put together? Amazing!


That last pic looks malevolent as AF. Good job!


I designed it yes, and no, not easy to put together :slight_smile:

Takes a lot of patience, I’d say the build took a total of 7 or 8 hours between weeding and assembly. I’m glad it’s done!




Man, that lights up the whole room! Great job! :grinning:


It turned out incredible!


Holy cats!


This. Is. AWESOME.


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Wow – that is magical!


This is just amazing! What an effort on the assembly and…the weeding! Ouch.

The light look magical :sunglasses: like it belong in a 70’s sci-fi movie about mind control.


That is super cool!!


Holy moly! I’d be tempted to use unmasked material to save my fingers, but the end result is totally worth your extra work (for me at least :wink:.


Numbering the connection points is genius!


Thanks! It’s pretty necessary, the angles are within a degree or two of each other, without the numbers it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between the connectors


very rad


That is crazy fabulous!! Lit up is it even cooler, awesome job. :+1: