Flowers .svg file?

Does anybody know where to find .svg files to cut out flowers kind of like the following?
Do I buy them somewhere, or do people just normally design their own? If they do design their own, where are they/how are they designing these? I use inkscape to turn my words and some images into cuttable .svg files, but I have no idea where to find flowers/floral pieces.

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Etsy, Creative Market, The Noun Project for a start. Welcome to the forum.


What’s Creative Market and The Noun Project?
And, I’ve searched etsy, but can’t find any floral files such as something like this.

Thank you!

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Websites that have files appropriate for laser cutting.

Search etsy using terms like flower svg files


Welcome to the forum! If you’re using Inkscape, I’ll bet with a little more practice you’ll be able to design some amazing looking flowers of your own. Make some various shapes and practice combining them to make different shapes like flowers and leaves. You’ll learn a lot of new stuff and have a lot of fun doing it yourself. Best of luck.


All kinds of stuff.


Google flowers clipart svg free

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Hi nmk2795, welcome to the forum. Lots of good places to find them and here’s a few good tutorial on how to make some basic flowers of your own too. If you already know how to turn words into cutable images, you’re half way there!


Hi and welcome to the group :partying_face:

Glowforge will not read Inkscape Gradiant objects but you can turn them into pixel images and it will read those, Or you could play with Gimp that is also free and bring those images to Inkscape.

If you have a grayscale image where black is deepest and white is not cut at all and in between is in between that is how the Glowforge 3d works.

By either way, Flowers are a great thing to start with :grin: though you might not be able to stop with just one…


If you happen to have a cricut - my sister has one, I think there is a way to download svg files too.
Also look up the Silhouette Design store online.

Generally speaking, there are definitely exceptions, .png files can be turned into .svg files pretty successfully. So if you find a png you like, spend some time with it in your vector design program of choice. You’ll have to spend time working on many of the svg files anyways because they were created for display or print and not laser cutting. So paths will need to be unioned/joined, cleaned up, closed, etc… before being cutable.

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