Flue Damper Open or Closed?

I am embarrassed (and have lost count) at how many times in the past 45 years I started a fire in our fireplace, without first opening the flue damper. Problem solved thanks to Bernie (my Forge). I used two pieces of acrylic – red and green (stop and go), each 3" by 5", after engraving painted with some acrylic paint (Apple Barrel, if you want to know), glued together, and then tethered to a “hanging” device with some fishing swivels. Wow, that’s a long sentence! Make your own – and keep your home smoke-free (unless your Forge’s exhaust system needs cleaning)!

Flue Damper Status


Very practical!! Thanks for the share! Important reminder :slight_smile:


An awesome idea! Thank you for sharing! Like the use of swivels!


Awesome idea thanks for sharing.

Keep Creating.

I thought this was for the Glowforge at first, until I saw the flames in the fireplace! Still applies though, and yes, I still forget to turn on the outside fan every couple of weeks :sweat_smile: