Flux Beam Air

Has anyone tried this?

(The link preview looks like it will be the beamo laser cutter but it’s actually a fume extractor)
I can’t find any CFM specs for the glowforge air filter to know it’s comparable, but being able to buy only the media type that’s been used up seems like a cheaper way to do things.

Hey so beamo has been discussed before, try the search option in the upper right. You’ll probably find some of what you were looking for there.


Has the filter been discussed? This is the first time I’m seeing it

Filter looks great, and the replacements cartridges being separate and for half the price of the GF (all together) is pretty great. Wonder if anyone has tried this here, this is one I’d be more interested in.


agreed. this seems to be a bit more financially feasible.

GF’s internal fan runs about 200 CFM. The filter starts there and increases as you turn up the knob.

That looks similar in size and shape to the compact filter, wonder if the beamo cartridge system would fit?

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