FLUX Beambox: What do people think?

Well, that video was enough to convince ~80 backers or so to buy in. I do like the rotary extension and wish the GF had one. the price is also good, at least the KS price. I wish them good luck!

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Yeah, it grabbed my attention at first, then I kept skipping ahead to find the substance and there never was any. Then it just kinda irritated me lol. I imagine it works well with a younger audience though and hold their attention better than mine.


That video was weird. Did I just smoke something without knowing it.


Yes, and now you have the munchies :sunglasses::hamburger::birthday::doughnut::ice_cream:


It looks like a suped-up k40. The case is the same and it looks like the bed is remarkably similar, which I had a lot of problems with in my k40, and ended up ripping out.

The quotes IMO are laughable, and there isnt any in-depth use demonstration anywhere. The product video seemed to be designed to be purposefully distract you from the fact that it doesn’t actually show it functioning.

This isnt the type of product you can just gloss over on that front. They make a lot of lofty claims, and their quotes almost seem laughable with any in-depth demos.

I would say the chance for disappointment upon release are extremely high. not only from a usability standpoint, but also from a build-quality one as well.

I hope to be wrong, but Ill be surprised if thats the case with this product.