FLUX Beambox: What do people think?



Hey everyone. FLUX’s Beambox kickstarter just came out. What are people’s thoughts? It looks like it could be a decent Glowforge Competitor, at least internationally.


Wow. Dat product video yo.


I know! That was crazy.


A little more depth. You have to check your water level and lubricate the rails regularly. No pass through slot. The laser tube has to be replaced every 6-12 months (worst case???) I don’t like the idea of a PC-based, manufacturer designed and supported control software suite.

If I didn’t have my Pro, certainly something to consider.

Then I watched the video. Never mind. Nice 80s flashback, but not exactly confidence inducing.


What the heck did I just watch?


Yeep! Feel like I just woke up in a Fellini film. :no_mouth:



Beyond that?

Looks like a K40 with a slightly better control board, painted black, with potentially improved software stack. I wonder if they are using any of the various open source software/hardware solutions that make a K40 usable?


FWIW: This isn’t their first Kickstarter rodeo and their prior KS project did yield a decent enough delta-bot style 3D printer, though the software was described as… meh.


That was a MTV nightmare or what :open_mouth:


I think the video convinced me not to buy from them. I guess I’m old school & like an ordinary video that explains and keeps me feeling relaxed so I can understand & enjoy the presentation.


Ha ha ha…we found wood…
Oh geez.


I think flux studio is free?
That is worth a download and examination for viability with GF if nothing else.

I pulled it down. Once installed I will see if truly free. Then will push on it and see ease of use versus other freebies (ie: inkscape).

As to the laser? We knew back when Dan announced that there would be competition when the ‘non-industrial laser market’ showed as a viable option for marketers and manufacturers.
Not sure about the International Market comment. They would have to jump through the same hoops as Glowforge, so I do not see any competitive edge there.


Wait…what we’re they selling again? That video was so weird I’d have to guess they’re either selling perfume or jeans. That was Mathew-McConaughey-in-a-Buick-commercial weird.


That video was so painful that I enjoyed it.


I swear there’s a subliminal message in there somewhere…


The Chinese don’t bother with all that.


what did I just watch?!


The ONLY thing I liked about theirs was a bigger cut area. Other than that, meh.

Glowforge for the win!


Examined the Flux Studio.
Basic Flux appears to be support for a 3D printer (OBJ and STL).

A ‘beta’ Flux (for this Beamer) is also available and is set up to directly print to the machine. This has a propitiatory file save protocol which would not be useful for a Glowforge. Possibly a gcode derivative. Pure code whatever it is, not SVG like at all.

Strange dynamic in the UI also. Seems to want you to link in for engrave, cut, score as separate actions. Without a Beamer I can only suspect you are doing them one at a time and not in a batch sequence like inside the GFUI.

Shame. Thought we maybe had another free software source for those who do not want to put dollars into a graphics program.

For those without a higher end graphics setup it is back to the regularly scheduled program → Become one with your Inkscape.


Video appears to me to be all flash and no substance – don’t really know anything about the machine itself, just that they can produce a glitzy video that doesn’t tell me anything about the machine, other than it is a laser…