Flying Saucer UFO Lamp


I had a plastic globe from a broken night light that was begging to be a flying saucer. My design was a little tight. Legs needed sanding to fit into their slot, but I’m learning so much with each challenge I give myself. More details and photos on my blog at:


Now that’s a cool lamp! :sunglasses:


Ok… I expect Klaatu to come down the ramp…
Nice job.


Adorable! It’s the first flying saucer I’ve seen on this forum.


Klaatu barada nikto.
Which has been translated to mean…“it’s a cook book”!


I’ll take old '60 shows for $200.

And the answer is “How to Serve Man.”


And we have a winnah! :smile:


How to serve man…an episode of Twilight Zone.
Klaatu…the robodroid in the original Day The Earth Stood Still…with Michael Renee’.

That info is worth 20 extra points for the blue team, right?


Oh! I’m so sorry. Judges have spoken. The answer we were looking for is “To Serve Man.”

And @Tom_A steals the points and is moving onto the bonus round!


Do I have to go back 3 spaces?




Actually, it was a short story by Damon Knight long before it became a Twilight Zone episode.

But I’m accepting any episode reference, so you all advance to the next level of play. :wink:


" And as much as I hope the Force will be with you and that you live long and prosper, the last thing I’d like to tell you before I open the pod bay doors (Hal) and say so long and thanks for all the fish is Klaatu barada nikto." - quote source


…and yet the only true answer needed is… 42.
Winner winner chicken dinner! :sunglasses:


It’s the answer to life, the universe and everything.


…and I have my towel at the ready. :sunglasses:


I’m really starting to suspect we might be related… :wink:


Or we have the same taste in fiction. :smile:


I love it!


From a short story written by Damon Knight, a very nice and very smart man who started the Clarion Writer’s workshop with his wife, the talented author Kate Wilhelm (they used to have monthly get-togethers in their home in Eugene for years).