Foam board RC plane gone wild

Not a thing of particular beauty but it does show that an RC plane doesn’t have to be a year long endeavor, this one while larger than any of mine before could be done in an evening.

I have about $10 of foam board and hot glue in it. All the electronics is salvaged, as well as the landing gear.

I didn’t think of a banana for scale when I took the photos so the wing span is just shy of 60 inches.


Wow! Forget bananas a photo of it sitting on the Glowforge would be more effective if there was enough room.
I “invented” using foam core and hot glue and it got me fired. The other half of that was to cut the top sheet of the foam core the same as the thickness. On one side you cut the foam and lightly score the paper on the bottom, on the other side cutting the foam but being careful not to score the paper. The foam core then folds nicely along the score and makes a great right angle that is instantly bonded with the hot glue and done with no waiting.

It was so much faster than what we had been doing he unceremoniously fired me doing the rest himself without even a thankyou.


That’s just downright rude! What a bummer.


Well that was certainly rude! Model airplane builders have come up with several joints like that. For a 90d we remove one thickness and fold for a perfect fit.


Is foam core safe to cut with a laser? I was told it was not.

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With all things not prograde I must say “check your MSDS sheet for your particular item”.

That said, yes, Adams foamboard is perfectly safe and cuts very nicely as long as you are patient and use multiple passes.

I use three passes but I know people who get good results with two.

I’ve worked out three different types of cut/score and need to work out more.