Foam Prop Wall Mounted Bracket

I was thinking to myself, the other day, “I need to properly display Astrid’s axe.” So I decided to make a wall mounted bracket to mount the prop I made for DragonCon 2017. I wasn’t sure the two notched bracket would hold, even with the rubber cement I used. I let the glue set overnight and voila, it works. The axe sits off the wall further than I had wanted (that’s because I forgot to divide the depth of the axe head by two so it would set off the wall a little bit). No matter, I think it still looks bad arse!


I does look badarse!


Thank you kindly.

What a great display! It works perfectly for the axe.


Thank you.

Good bracket.


It’s so fun to make something … perfect fit!


Nice job on the prop and the holder!!

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I think it looks great sitting that far off the wall! (Though I understand that can infringe upon the room space and traffic patterns.) Great idea to display it at an angle, and absolutely fantastic work on the axe!


Thank you, kindly for your compliment.

It’s actually over a work bench so it won’t be in the way. Being further off the wall has grown on me, I like it.

Sweeeet! If I had a viking axe I would insist on such a display! :smile:

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Thank you for your compliment. Now I have to figure out how to mount Stormfly’s head. :wink:

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