Looking at no-no lists of materials to work with and cross-checking with the Glowforge website, I find I’m left completely confused at what foam and foam-based materials are and are not okay to cut and/or etch. Probably doesn’t help that there seems to be a multitude of types of foam based products out there.

I know some are a consideration of fumes and others can even damage the equipment.
Is there a list out there somewhere? Thanks in advance for any help.

Trotec has been in the business a pretty long time. Here is what they say.


There is such a variety out there that it would be very hard indeed to have a complete list.
The short answer is if you don’t know for sure, then make sure it doesn’t contain chlorine and then experiment with a damp cloth handy for a small flair up. You should already have a fire extinguisher nearby.

Some foams while safe just don’t cut worth a hoot. Others do great. I cut lots of Adams foam board which is one of the artboards that you see in stores everywhere. It is a eps core and does great, I check very closely before trying another brand because there are brands that look very similar that are PVC!


There are also lots of foam discussions on the forum, try searching for it and especially look for posts about EVA.

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