Foil transfer... how is this done?

Anyone know more about this than I do?

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Hmm probably like this?


Um - magic?

Yeah toner reactive foil looks like.

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I’ve got reams of that stuff. (Or I used to, no idea if I cleaned it out at some point.)

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That is toner transfer foil. That user used a laser printer to print the image. The applied the foil and fed it through a laminater or used a heat press to bond the foil to the toner

How I know? I used to make foil prints and I sell the foil in my Etsy shop :slight_smile:


Do you have a heat press?

Nope. That’s why I never used it. (Do have a laminator.) :smile:
(I picked it up on special at some point and never got around to using it.)

IIRC, if your fuser runs hot enough, you can just run it back through the printer as a blank page. the fuser will fuse the foil to the toner from the first pass.

Right. The caution there was about folds in your foil.

Interesting. My laser printer only does up to about 90 lb stock according to the dell site.

that’s why you were supposed to tape it all down and use as small a piece as possible. if your fuser is hot enough, you can sometimes get away with the pocket sheets they have for some laminators.

If you have a cutting machine… this.


Huh cool. $100 isn’t too bad…

Even cheaper if you get the device for only one cutter, say cricut or brother scan-n-cut.

I was randomly given both a heat press and a Brother Cut N Scan. Haven’t figured out a use for either of them yet…

Custom t-shirts come to mind… that’s what I use mine for mostly.

The cricut is really great at kiss cut vinyl stickers.

I used the GF for a t shirt the other day, I cut a template and taped it to a shirt and used fabric spray paint to fill it. Looks pretty good actually.


@Xabbess and @Tom_A have used laser foil for some great projects.

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Laser Foil seems to work great. I watched a video before I attempted the first time. And I wasn’t convinced the video was telling me the whole truth… that you adhere the foil to the material, cut it, then remove the excess. I thought “How the heck am I only going to remove the excess?” They claimed to do that immediately after cutting… that the longer it sits on the material, the tighter the bond. Well, they were right. I’ve had no problem removing excess from acrylic or wood. Worked great on both. I was also worried about bubbles getting underneath it, but I haven’t had any real problem there either. You kinda push those out. I use my thumb or a plastic scraper for that. Laser Foil’s not crazy expensive, but it’s certainly not free. I’d love to order every color, but my kids seem to want food every day for some reason. Hell, when I was a kid, when Daddy wanted a new TV we just didn’t eat lunch for a week. Kids these days…


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