Foiled again!

Playing around with gold laser foil from Johnson Plastics. Both tests were done as a score. The scrap, blue acrylic test looks okay, but I need to reduce power so it cuts the foil without marking the acrylic as much. Don’t be fooled by the wonky font, the laser was very precise. Also, I have noticed, through this forum, that actual pieces often look better in person than in photographs. I guess our photography technology has far surpassed the human eye in perceiving minute detail.

The Glowforge logo is on an anodized aluminum dog tag. The laser foil worked great on the aluminum!


Stunning! (Mumble, mumble…more stuff to try.) :smile:


Cool! So, how does the laser foil work? You place it down on the work piece and set the laser to running. Then, what’s left is the parts that have fused with the piece as you show? I’m not familiar.


oh, that dogtag looks great with the gold foil! I’m gonna have to get myself some of that stuff now…


Well, ya went and did it…made me wanna have to buy some. Looks fantastic! I just ordered some gold and some black. Thanks!


Here’s a great video showing a couple different methods - Enjoy!


This is nifty - never even seen this before. This site hurts my wallet. :slight_smile:

thanks for sharing


I bought the same laser foil a few months ago. I’ve only used it once, but it was pretty awesome. You cut the foil with scissors to the size of what you want. Peel off the backing and it adheres to your material. Then you cut/score your design. Then you peel off the excess. When I watched the tutorial videos I thought “So this is going to be really difficult to weed and I’m never going to want to use this again.” But one thing they say is “Peel off your excess immediately after cutting your design as it will bond with your material the longer it stays on it.” Well, they’re right. I was able to easily peel off the excess, leaving my desired design shining. It’s difficult to tell in the picture, but it really reflects light brightly.


Part of a set…


For the record…

you people are KILLING me. I still have a house to get on the market, AND BEAMER is STILL sitting in his snug box in my dining room.

ARRRRRGGGGHHHH! :slight_smile:


Cool…that explained it pretty well. It was more durable than I thought it would be.

I remember this project…it was awesome!

And maybe even if you press it gently again with your finger, it would adhere even better? (The design that you want to stay, that is)

I definitely want to use some of this stuff.


Thanks! :blush:

I’m sure I did press it again, but so much of the detail was super-small, so really I couldn’t touch most of it. I saw my cousins toward the end of the year and they told me how much everybody loved the gifts and they specifically said the snitch is their favorite. :slight_smile:

Awesome! I have a roll of that same foil but haven’t played with it yet. Please share your settings (probably need to go in Beyond the Manual) once you get it dialed in.

I know, I know. But think of all the fun things you’re going to be doing.

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I just did another test on acrylic. started with the settings for draft score on Proofgrade medium clear acrylic, but reduced the power down to 14. Could probably go even lower if I decide to.


You got that! I was just thinking of that today. I wonder when I’ll hit the equivalent cost in materials and cool stuff that I paid for the Glowforge in the first place. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice work! Where did you source your dog tags from?

Happy cake day!!!


Love gold accents … will enjoy adding it to a few projects.


Good catch @ptodd…Happy Cakeday @bruceaulrich! :grinning:


If foil is used for something like smaller text on acrylic, can it be weeded with gorilla tape?