Folding Plate Holder

A friend needed a stand for a large heart-shaped plate.

I used a folding stand that we had around the house for a model. The attached AI files are a little rough but they work. Included are files for both 1/8" and 1/4" material. Depending on the material I adjust the thickness of the cross pieces or the slots by 0.01" to create a pressed fit, don’t try that with acrylic. A 3/16" dowel serves as the hinge, it is easy to increase that to 1/4" or more if that is what you have available. (171.7 KB) (175.5 KB)


Oh, that turned out very nicely! :grinning:

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The red looks great!

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Nice work! Thank you for sharing your files … Very kind of you!

Looks great. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for the file

That’s a very nice stand (would love to see it with the heart plate). Thanks for the file!