Follow up to my Prototype

First, thank you to everyone who gave feedback on my prototype post. It is great to be able to reach out and get thoughts on how to improve my skills and designs.

Based on the feedback and some fiddling, I think the final results came out pretty good. We made some necklesses and pins to try it out. We tried it in a number of materials. (all proof grade).

The big change was fixing the kerf. This meant more material and a lot more work to get it right, but the end result is pretty nice. As always, I welcome your feedback.

P.S. Thanks to those that highlighted reaching out to the school on the licensing of their material. My wife is looking in to that so we could share it or possibly sell it. For now, just a gift, but again, the help you all provided was appreciated.

And just for fun a picture of the “wasted” logos.

Sadly it took me a lot more printing than this to get it right, but in the end, totally worth it.


I can’t NOT like this. Too much Aggie in my blood! :slight_smile:


Well done!!!

And really glad you’ve reached out to the school & hope they do let you get a license & let you sell it–and maybe even they’ll want to order some!

Oh, just an idea–what about putting a “tab” in the base layer/clear acrylic to act as a “bale” with the hole in it (centered about the T) so the holes don’t need to be in the T?


we looked at putting the whole in the outline, but it really works so nicely the way it ends up laying with the two holes. and the base layer isn’t on the back, the wood goes all the way through. it is a full inlay, wood on back and front. But I appreciate the thought…we did actually try it. My take was that it started to look like a keychain and the way it is looked more like a necklace, but I am sure it is only a matter of opinion. And I like getting feedback from others.

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Of course that makes you kind of like the intended audience. My daughter is really loving the school and can’t wait to get her ring. This will have to do until the end of the summer.

Thanks for the feedback.


Got it–sorry if you had mentioned that in the first thread? They look really cool as-is!

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Not at all, I really do appreciate the feedback. Honestly, I think that is what makes this process of sharing so wonderful. We don’t all see the same things the same way. I certainly didn’t mean to be ungrateful for the comment. Just sharing the thought process we went through. Trust me when I say we tried it lots of ways. Anyway, thank you again.

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No worries–I didn’t take it as being ungrateful–just occurred to me that maybe you already had explained it in your first post :wink:

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I remember the prototype and thought it was pretty slick! These are great too—what a lovely piece of jewelry it makes.


honestly that makes me feel a little bit better about my waste


Success! I really like the Basswood inlay on the walnut … very clean and striking.

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Thank you, that is actually the proof grade maple, but we really liked the contrast as well. The photos don’t do justice to the red oak, but if you like wood grains then that one is fun too.

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The finished product is great, but I’m here to say this:

and a bunch of CA glue could make a cool ATM statue!