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hello i need a little bit of help . im looking for a font that when i cut it the inside is connected . for instance the letter O . when i cut out the letter obviously the center will fall out . that’s the part i want to keep and the outline is what needs go . same the thing for lets say the letter B . i want the inside of the B to stay . i hope this makes sense and someone can point me in the right direction thank you again for everyone’s help

You need a stencil font.


Check out this recent video:

(not me, I just saw this last week)


I downloaded a font called “Gunplay” that is a stencil font. I can’t remember where exactly I found it but it was free. I’m sure you can find it with a quick search for free fonts.

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And here

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Made on a Glowforge is the gallery for showing off your creations. I’ve moved this to an appropriate forum section.


thank you

thank you !!

thank you so much everyone this was an incredible help … you’ve
all made my day

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