Font freebies you might want to know about

A couple of vendors have weekly giveaways of decent files, and so if you are hungry for fonts, you might be able to tolerate their weekly spam in return for the files. (I honestly haven’t read the license details but all of their sales material shows their files in use on physical items… but read the fine print yourself.)

Weekly free font at DesignCuts
The freebies are delivered by setting the price to $0, so you go through checkout, and the freebie remains in your account for re-download. (Not sure, but if you make an account and then visit this font page today, you may find it is free.)

Weekly free fonts and occasional SVGs, etc. at FontBundles
Some freebies are only available to people with membership, others are available to anyone with an account. None of the freebies are registered as a “purchase” so you can’t re-download them later.

Monthly free rhinestone font at Synergy17
Available for one day, on the 17th. I think they are overseas, so set a reminder for the 16th to make sure you don’t miss it. You have to fill out a form every time to get the link, but I have never gotten any junk mail from them.

FYI Rhinestone fonts are made from circles and can provide a better look than converting font shapes to circles through software–that process always needs hand tweaking for the best look. With a rhinestone font, the tweaking is done for you. You do need to figure out how to scale the image so that the circles are the right size for your application.


14 Likes is also a great source for free fonts. :100:

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DaFont is great, so is Iconian Fonts.

The freebie fonts from DesignCuts and FontBundles are often pro-grade OTF files with tons of extra glyphs, flourishes, etc… really good stuff. I’ve bought a couple font packs from each place and taken advantage of the freebies and they are definitely a cut above the stuff you get on all-free sites.

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Don’t forget, which releases six freebies once a week that usually includes a couple fonts.


You may also want to look at, they have a freebies area and a section called ''daily gifts". You can also find free .svg graphics and bundles.

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Just watch the DaFont ones if you are selling commercially. The majority of their fonts do not include a commercial use license. Font bundles, HungryJpeg, Creative Market, SoFontsy, and a few others do have commercial use on all of their fonts even the free ones =)


Ooh, this is a good one, thanks!

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