Font to single cut whole words

I want to cut my child’s name so that the whole thing is just one piece.
Are there fonts that allow this?
If not what’s a easy way to get this done?

Thanks in advance

You’ll have to give us a little info on which design program you are using. Inkscape? Illustrator? Glowforge Premium? Some other?


Pick any font where the letters touch or adjust the kerning until they do. Then in inkscape (the only program I know) you have to select all the individual letters and use path, union. Then choose the entire thing and select path, object to path.


Surprisingly, I just checked this in Glowforge Premium and the script typefaces I checked (look under Handwritten, or Elegant) came already welded! If the typeface you are interested in doesn’t do that, you could select all the letters then use the Outline tool to add a minimal outline (probably smaller than the default 0.25) until all letters are surrounded in one piece.

Like this:


Thanks for the answers.

We use corel to generate the svg
I think we have Inkscape but haven’t used it yet.

We don’t have glowforge premium

Sorry, I can’t help with Corel, although there are some users who use it.

Here’s a thread regarding Inkscape that might help:


Same process. One of the advantages of Corel is that it automatically converts text to paths on saving in SVG format so you still have it as text for later editing.

But to weld them together, use Text to Path and then select the letters and click on the weld icon on the toolbar.


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