Food safety and engraving


I’ve looked around the community and haven’t really found the answer I’m looking for.

I see a lot of projects with engraving done on wooden spoons, cutting boards etc.

My question is, after engraving on a product that will be used for food, is there any work that needs to be done on the surface to make it food safe?

I’m sure it’s totally fine but I don’t know if there’s some considerations that should be made for cleaning or whatnot before using the tools.


The char and ash produced by the laser are no different than any other combustion product. Everything should get a good scrubbing at a minimum. I then give them a couple of coats of food-grade mineral oil (aka cutting board conditioner), repeating every few months.


Thank you, I had been wondering this also…


As with anything with nooks and crannies, critters can hide out and live on bits of food caught in there, but an occasional scrub with a bleach based soap will eat whatever is hiding out there and the oil will restore the wood

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