Food settings and results

When I got in my new GF I decided to spend a little while experimenting with food. Here is the results and settings I used.

Waffle cone: 400 speed, 40 power. The settings were perfect for not having the design engrave through the cone. There was no evidence of burn through on the inside of the code.

Tortilla: 700 speed 50 power. The engraving held up perfectly even after cooking it…Guns Up!

Eggs: 500 speed 40 power

Cheesecake: 500 speed 50 power

Sushi: 400 speed 25 power

Sweet potato pie: 500 speed 35 power


Now I am hungry. This is wonderful!


Fabulous experimenting!


All very cool, but that Cheesecake is particularly awesome.


I agree! Cheesecake is awesome!


What a great reference! The cheesecake is my favorite.


More cheesecake all around! Yummy!

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Did the sushi or egg taste off?

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Wow! I’m not ever planning on lasering food, but that is really spectacular! I can see the cones and tortillas actually being big sellers to local restaurants! All of it actually.

I didn’t really taste anything different with the sushi or eggs. So unless I had covid at the time, I don’t think there was a noticeable difference.

I asked some friends who have restaurants about that and sounds like the regulations for restaurants would not allow it. But who knows, maybe one day there will be policies in place that might allow for it as long as certain standards of food safety are met.

That makes sense. I hadn’t thought about that. Good point. Maybe if the regulators knew a machine was only being used for food (it would have to be to please them, I’m sure), they might give it a thought. Remember when they first started coming out with 3D printers for people to buy? They’d show kids making different food items “to feed the world,” and if I remember correctly, even a gal who made some decorative sugar cubes that she was selling. It might be worthwhile to check out?


These all look incredible! Especially love the waffle cones - so fun! Do you have a separate machine you use for food or can we use the same one for all materials? Would love to try engraving macarons :slightly_smiling_face:

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When I got in my new machine I had it food only for a while. I now have put non food in that machine and so its not really recommended to eat from the machine then. I hate throwing out food and so taking advantage of the new machine was key.

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I told our daughter about it (she’s the one who actually told me about Glowforge and got her’s a couple months before I did). She said she wouldn’t mind having another GF, but her husband might, so she’d just blame me! I told her to buy it for her 11-yr old daughter who loves to bake. Since our daughter owns a shop, she could use food items in her shop as well! We’ll see if she ever does get another one.

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Lol, every time my parents ask when me when me and my husband are going to have kids, I just buy a machine in response. So we are on the 2nd glowforge and have a shed of sewing machines, CNC, and 3D printers.

The foodie glowforge stuff is for sure fun. There is a whole world to explore.