Food Styling

My latest obsession is using my glowforge for signs for styling food tables for my parties. Sometimes I laser directly on crackers, bread, cookies (not to be eaten) and sometimes I make chipboard templates for powdered sugar, cocoa paprika…




I wonder whether eating lasered food is actually so bad. Think about various foods that are intentionally blackened. I understand why the Glowforge Friendly Neighbourhood Lawyers would forbid eating a lasered cracker; they have to say that. The laser is not adding any ingredients to the food after all. Carburised food arguably is carcinagenic, so kids, “No more campfire marshmallows.”

The lasering doesn’t “add” anything… but unless your machine is strictly for food, there’s bit of whatever you have lasered still in the machine… blowing around. Many will say “Ah it’s nothing to be worried about!” But isn’t it? All that gunk that gets everywhere… you really want ANY of that on ANY food at all?

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Yeah, no harm in using it on food as long as it’s dedicated to just food. Pretty sure we’ve had examples here.

Yes, of course. I remember the guidelines way back when our Glowforges were young. Maybe it is because mine sees such light use that I do not consider it “dirty” You are right though, it would not be smart to eat the byproducts of cutting Proofgrade and other materials.

If by bad you mean tastes bad, it doesn’t help the flavor of carbohydrates. Some of my first items were food and it was neutral to not as good*. @henryhbk has said the same thing.

*Not all foods have been tested.

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I was refering to health aspects of lasered food. Now, it would be interesting to see recipes which call for “laser at 80 pews & 400 lines per inch” to improve flavour.


We just passed around George Carlin’s ‘germs & immune systems’ Youtube video.
(has some cussing in it so not linked).
All the stuff we ate, swam in, and threw at each other back in the day, it is amazing (by today’s standards) that any of us survived.
George may have hit on the reason…

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Given how most of the lasered carbs I’ve done tasted, I wouldn’t care if they cured cancer. They were nasty. The only thing that tasted good was guacamole because lasered fat is good…