I know it’s probably unhealthy to eat food you laser in a GlowForge that you also use for other projects, but I also know I’m probably going to do it anyway. Here’s a ridiculous piece of bread I was playing with at our local makerspace - I definitely didn’t eat anything put into that laser, haha! We’ve also played with lasering sugar sprinkled on top of chocolate, and the results were pretty good.

Of course, @dan likes to show off the laser-cut nori (and rightly so because it’s -awesome-. But what other things do you think are capable? I’ve seen some people joking about defocusing the laser in order to cook bacon — but I’m not really sold on that (besides, I don’t really eat meat). I’ve been thinking it could be really fun to engrave messages onto hors d’oeuvres for a party. Or a design onto the outside edge of a jelly roll or swiss roll. Make your Ritz crackers extra fancy by adding a holiday message? Or even making edible place markers. Some pretty interesting possibilities!


I was thinking if I could use the Glowforge as a backup toaster :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I won’t do that, just because I think Glowforge is to awesome to be thought of as a high tech toaster :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, well, you wouldn’t be the first one, if you did! Laser toast (it makes your breakfast EXTREEEEEEEME) can be pretty cool; as I recall, OK Go incorporated it into one of their past music videos:


OH MY GOD YOU GUYS i’m totally going to laser pancakes.

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Someone needs to laser engrave steak

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I wonder if the glowforge can cut fondant or gumpaste? Might melt it…but if it’s already dried… it could work! I’m sure I’ll give it a go when I get my hands on my glowforge!

not sure but in general lasers kind of eradicate rather than melt stuff, if it can clean cut chocolate why not fondant

Good point. In theory it should work! Hope someone can test it :smile: I’ll take one for the team lol

I saw a suggestion that freezing it will increase sharpness and ‘bake’ time. Enjoy!

Yes! Will definitely give that a go. I can’t wait until all of us get our toy. I’m so inspired by everyone!


I’m thinking how fun it will be to (just once) laser a cartoon character on my sons’ sandwiches or pancakes. I would guess if you put the food item into the GF on a plate or something to keep it from touching the grate on bottom, that it would be safe to eat, right?

Has anyone cut soap? Like a basic glycerine soap? Clear or opaque?

I’m interested in hearing more about this myself; we make all our own soaps too - would be fun to use the Glowforge for something besides the molds for them!

It shouldn’t be difficult to cut through even pretty thick bars; I’m curious about whether it’ll singe, though.

My theory is that if it doesnt singe chocolate, soap should be fine. What do you mean use it to make molds?

You’d also be less likely to notice discoloration on chocolate, since it’s brown.

Molds. For pouring soap into? Could be quick work to cut pieces for a custom size mold with the laser.

You mean like log molds? I use only silicone molds.

Or engraving something into a mold to then cast the soap in for a design. Too bad lasers aren’t great at cutting polyethylene (it melts p badly), so those make great molds.

They said it engraves rubber… so you could engrave any design to use like those lace molds. … or acrylic stamps. Lots of great options ^^

Great idea! I could engrave rubber stamp on the GF and use the stamp on the fondant/gumpaste.