For all the jammers like me :)


Here is my Bluetooth radio I promised on Made on the Glowforge. Sorry it took so long cause I got to work and eat.:smiley: This is made of 3mm stained and coated Baltic birch plywood from a Ebay store. All the electronics can be purchased there also. Have fun my fellow jammers.bluetoothcase2


forgot picture duh!


So cool! :grinning:


Thank you for the file


Wow, neat! Thanks so much for the design. I’m thinking it could be easily edited to fit any number of items needing enclosures.


Very kind of you to share!


I plan to make a bigger one of this. The music player is a little tight a long with speakers and wiring.


Can you post a link/search sting to the faceplate component? I’ve seen that particular one used a few times now, but I can’t seem to find it.


I honestly thought this post was going to be related to canning food. :roll_eyes:

Very nice design though.


I was expecting roller derby.


Love it. Very well done.


Here you go. You can find these less than five dollars. Also there are different versions of the one like I used. if you want the one that talks to you and tells you what you have selected with the remote. match the face plate of the one in my radio and look for a tiny microphone with red and white wires in the pictures the seller posts. The one with the microphone lets you talk thru the radio during a phone call when in Bluetooth mode. haven’t tried that function yet . maybe I should of included a video of all the bells and whistles it has.:grin:


cool thank you!


The world is about to see a lot more stylish speakers! Thanks for posting your design.


Oh but I have more coming soon:slightly_smiling_face:


how do you download the file?


Just right click on the image (or keep pressing on a smartphone/tablet). The image itself is the SVG file.


Great overall design. I will use this for several projects. Thanks for sharing.


On Samsung I just press and hold for the menu. Then I can select download. Other phones I’m not sure.