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This is not Glowforgey… well I guess it could technically be done using acrylic and the forge but I just really enjoyed and appreciated the level of precision and detail in this project and figured others would as well.


Love this channel! Be careful, it’s a gateway drug to hobbyist machining and that will keep you up long into the night.

Production quality excellent. Voice over is always perfect. They move along so well that you’d never know you have been watching for five hours!


Gone are the days of snake bite videos and cats vs cucumbers. One day I will have a workshop with all the tools. Stuff like this is amazing to me.


I have three lathes and and a mill plus all the tools shown there, so theoretically I could make that project. The only things I lack are the skill and the patience! I learned a lot just watching the video though.


I love this channel.

Every time I watch one of those videos I browse for a metal lathe that I know I cant afford.


Check out the Gingery lathe series of books. I just started reading them. Make your own metal shop from literal scrap. Also a lot of good videos on how people approached the series.*16153e19ebca01b21745af4e19&ss_parm=A88782de0511c57a64cdb1088c986540b


Funny, The way I got into blacksmithing as a hobby is by reading a booklet they give out to remote villages in 3rd world countries. A lot of the material was around what scrap you could use for smithing material, which scrap is good for building anvils and so on. Was a super cool read!


I agree. Youtube is a bottomless rabbit hole for the wonders of human engineering and workmanship. Clickspring is in the 99th percentile for production quality. I’ve also appreciated Makercise and This Old Tony.


Any idea who provided the pamphlet or a link to it? Now you have me interested.

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find the link again (I’ve got a coil bound printed copy at home) but it turns out my google-fu is strong today!


Cool! Wife’s going to have some questions about what I’m doing in the garage now. She thought it was a wood shop…

Also explains how these guys do their thing with no real tools…

PS. I hope no one at my work checks my history today… Between this thread and the Bespoke rifle one, HR might have some questions.


this one popped up in my feeds the other day.
I hate seeing broken glass and fuel dumped and left, but I love the ingenuity. Maybe they cleaned up after shooting. :unamused:

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Do a search on “afghan lathe”. A bunch of people in the early homebuilt 3D printer community were doing hotends and nozzles with tools like that.