For my Daft Punk obsessed brother

This project was inspired by the following gross understatement: My brother is a HUGE Daft Punk fan. No, seriously. His current passion project is for all 85 minutes of the 2007 Alive concert to create “custom sound-reactive visuals that are stylized to animate the multiple layers of sound, flowing through customized visual environments that each correspond to each layer of each part of each song.” If you are interested, you can check out his preview here:

So I made him this music-synced edge-lit LED piece depicting the stage backdrop for that particular concert with his logo on the front of the box. I created the box with a makercase file that I modified in Illustrator. I created a flared base with an engraved channel to accommodate the LED strip. I also included some 1" guides on either side of the strip to hold the base of the acrylic slab. I glued everything except the top piece together to leave access to the LED strip in case it needs to be replaced or reconnected.

Here are some pics of the final product as well as a video to show the music-sync in action. He’s going to freak out when he gets this! As my sister-in-law said: “If an item were a love language, this would be Aaron’s.”

link to the video:




That is very well done. I have no doubt it will be his favorite piece in his collection.


Fact: the bonus track from alive 2007 is the best thing ever.

I have proof!

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Amazing project—bet he’s over the moon!


Sounds like the perfect gift from a loving brother.

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Very nice! He will love it! Nice job on the base!