For my quilter wife

My wife,Pauline, told me if I really wanted to impress her with my stickmen I would have to make her sitting at her sewing machine quilting. So I took up the challenge. I made it first in thick draft board and then in thick cherry and maple ply. I then put it on a walnut ply floor.


OMG! That is so clever…you even used little quilting squares! :smile:

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I like the pictures with the cloth. Beautiful design. :heart_eyes:


Oh, now, that is very cute! I can see this in the window or on the counter of a sewing/quilt show and it would be a huge hit.


Adorable! I’m sure she was thrilled!

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I loooooove this! It’s adorable!

So adorable!!

I need more time in a day… Great work!

I think she just got PWNED! LOL

Great job!


How is it that she has not taken over the Glowforge to cut out her quilting parts? Your sculpture is really awesome but the fact that the Glowforge both cuts and seals fabrics with enough poly in them would have got her before you got to the sculpture, I really love all the curly cues and wish I was that far along to do similar.

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The Glowforge was first ordered by her for that very purpose. When we finally got to read the specs we found out that you could not cut layered fabric safely. The potential for fire made her decide to go with another method for cutting. We decided to keep the GF and I would use it.


This is awesome!