For Sale 5 Month old Glowforge Aura w/Personal Filter, Pennsylvania

We have a 5 month old Glowforge Aura. and Personal Filter for sale if anyone is interested. We have a Glowforge Pro ordered awaiting its arrival and we have no use for 2 Lasers. !

Make offer, or please guide me to a place I could list this unit. Runs perfect and Clean.

Thanks Everyone!
Carlisle Pennsylvania :grinning:


How wonderful you’re getting a Pro! But you might want to consider keeping the Aura for things like paper and cardboard. It works a little differently than the “premium” units in that it doesn’t have the fan to blow stuff around, so whereas you need to “tack” down those items in the premium units, you don’t need to on the Aura. Which makes it really great if you do things like tags and stuff. Or if you want to work on something smaller while you have your Pro working. Just my opinion anyway. :slight_smile:


I added For Sale, and your location to the header for folks who might just be scanning the titles. There are also a number of Glowforge groups on FB that might have some buyers.


I would hold off selling the Aura till you have some experience with the pro. They each have different advantages and uses better than the other that you might miss.


Welcome to the community.

I would agree with @rbtdanforth on this. “They each have different advantages and uses better than the other that you might miss.”

I have a 7 year old basic that is still running like a champ and is my first choice go-to machine, but I also have an Aura and it excels in some respects over my big machine. They are both quite different in several regards. You may find that you will use both.