For sale GF Pro and filtration system

Only used 5 times, absolutely love it. Just have no time. All information is included in the FB marketplace link below. Prefer not to ship, Located in Charlotte NC area. Willing to deliver up to 100 miles.

Welcome to the community. Not sure why you included a link to Facebook…but, be aware that not everyone on here uses Facebook. It would be more effective for you to include lots of info. in your post that will be helpful for anyone wanting to buy your Glowforge…for example;
Willing to ship?
any warranty left?


And anyone here can contact you most easily by clicking on your profile and dm’ing you.


All information is included in the FB marketplace link. Which does not require a FB account.

You’ll get faster responses from any forum members…or even from non-members if you just post all the pertinent information right here. Many people won’t bother following a link…especially if it’s unnecessary. Certainly your choice, though.


And many people log on from work computers which block Facebook. I make it a habit to not click on links at all, and to not interact with posts that contain the words “my Etsy store”.


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