For Sale: Glowforge Pro & Exhaust System

I have a barely used Glowforge Pro and Glowforge Air Filter that I purchased in Nov 2020. I paid $6,992 for it. Since I don’t use it I’m willing to sell it for a fair price. Please message me if you are interested with your best offer.

People are going to want to know where it is located.


Also might want to mention your high end of “fair price” because what some people would consider fair can swing wildly. Might help you filter out serious and not serious people without having to deal with messages left and right.


Thank you for the good advice. I just posted it on EBay, which might make it simpler.


I live in the Atlanta area, but am willing to ship it.


You have set shipping at $115 via USPS Parcel Select Ground, but I’m fairly sure USPS won’t even take a package of that size, and your actual shipping cost will be somewhere around $300 by FedEx or UPS. You also provided no photos of the machine, have no eBay history with a seller account created today, and no history on this forum. While I might have been interested, it would be too much of a risk to bid on that auction. It’s out of warranty, so I may be buying a paperweight, or the Glowforge might not even exist. Just some feedback. Good luck with your sale.


I appreciate your feedback. I can certainly provide more pictures. I will pay the difference between the $115 for shipping that I’m charging and the amount. FedEx ground will likely be the shipper. I’m sorry your not interested further, I wish you luck in finding what you are looking for.

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