For sale: Glowforge Pro in Lawrenceburg, KY

I have a refurbished Glowforge Pro for sale, along with an extra new lens. The unit was used for a couple of months last Christmas and a handful of times since then. Probably less than 50 hours on it. Works great. I’d prefer not to deal with shipping. Though we do have thebox and packing materials. We are in Lawrenceburg, KY. Asking $4800.

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Sorry it didn’t work out for you - but good luck!

When you do get a buyer, add them as a user and then contact support and they can make that user the owner and delete you.

Glowforge has been a great machine for me for over three years. Glowforge took the scary world of lasers and made them fun and way less intimidating. I’ve now moved beyond the size limitations of the Glowforge with what I like to do and would like to sell this on to someone else looking to step into the lasering world. I will definitely get them moved into this community, as I can’t speak highly enough of the support both here and on Facebook. These groups were invaluable resources to me and I will continue in the Facebook groups for ideas and such. Thanks so much. If you hear of anyone interested, please send them my way. Thank you!


Hi wanted to get some info on your glowforge.
Still available?
Refurbished-I am assuming you bought this from glowforge refurbished?
Firm on the price?
I would be willing to come get it. VERY interested. Thanks

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