For the person that is still 29 - cake topper

I made these cake toppers. Kind of making things like this in general, relatively easy :slight_smile:
They are quite fragile however. If you cut them out of acrylic be careful or glue them to a clear backing outline so the don’t snap. Wood/plywood is a little more forgiving.

A couple of different designs and the backing outline for one of them.

Twenty nine is a great age to be for a while :slight_smile:

Asset 8
Asset 10
Asset 11


"I’m Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of my 29th Birthday"


Nice. I told my son on his 29th - soon twenty nothing anymore…


Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for sharing, this is very nice and funny to many of us!!

Great idea for a topper! Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

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