For the pesky door bell ditchers



Etched some powder coat for this the other day at work. Thought you might enjoy!


I would totally hang that on my door.
My girlfriend would take it down immediately, but still…


Before you visit , you must find a stick to ring my bell…


Wicked! :sunglasses:



Ohmygosh! Is it a bear trap? Most impressive!

Here is our slightly less intimidating doorbell sign:

People really do yell “ding dong” at our door.


I once went to mend the doorbell of the aged parents of a friend of my mothers, while I was in my early teens.

The father said he bypassed a cracked junction box but it didn’t work after that. I found the “junction box” was actually the transformer so he wired the 240V mains directly to a 12V chime! I said “did it ding dong once very loudly?” Yes he said, “how did you know that?”



I think in our case it’s just a loose connection. I guess I could fix it with a little soldering but where would be the fun in that?


haha, this is outstanding


It blew away some connections in the chime but amazingly the solenoid survived, so I was able to reconnect it.


:laughing: that’s too good!