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Hi All,

I have Beamer set up to vent out a window. It has recently occured to me that with winter coming it might be smarter to leave the vent and fan setup in place and tape around it. so I’m not opening the window wide to install unit.

are most folks operating with a permanent window mount or only as needed?

Just wondering.

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Go to the magnifying glass near the top of the web page, click on it, then try doing a quick search for “slide gate” or “blast gate”.

A lot of GREAT ideas; and even a free design file to make your own blast gate from acrylic sheet using your Glowforge.

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Mine is more-or-less permanent. The vent sits between the window and the screen, though, and it is louvered to keep out the weather.

I use this window dryer vent, and I put it in the window each time I use the Glowforge. This is partly due to needing to set the security system, which has window sensors. But you could certainly leave it in place, it has a little metal gate that flips up when air is flowing out. If you did that, you’d probably want to pack some insulation around and over it to keep that thin steel from chilling down your room.

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yes i have a flapper on my setup. and it is on the 2nd floor so it doesn’t compromise security

While I paid through the nose for a new high efficiency furnace, it bequeathed to me a vacant vent from the furnace room to up through the roof. Score.


Glowria sits right in front of a window, so I pop my duct out on the left and then plug the window with an old blanket. Not very practical, but then I’m only running it a few hours a week right now. I’m always worried my neighbors think I’m cooking something.



my neighbors can’t really see my vent easily. Though it does stick out. I wanted to make sure that once I get to start cutting leather the odor started out further away from the window itself.


Same vent as @cynd11 with an additional blast gate on the inside. Lined the vent on the interior side with 2" of styrofoam and have the window locked down with 1" dowels cut to length. No drafts and secure. That’s about as permanent as I wanted to get, it’s not going anywhere. (3rd floor back window to boot…)

Unfortunately the PERFECT spot in my workroom is above the entrances to four townhouses, so I had to set up Friggin’ in my guest room. (Not like anyone’s been using it in Covid anyway…)


This what I use and it’s awesome and made in the USA. A little pricey but worth it in my opinion. I have it up right now in winter and I screwed it into the window frame to prevent break ins and to make it super stable. The drafts around it feel not so bad.

Window Vent

A la Walter White? :joy:

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You guys have it so easy. My windows slide side to side and are about 4’ tall and 26” wide per pane. So I have to come up with something tall. :weary:

When I first got Beamer I vented out a sliding door. I got it in November and we moved to the current house in January. Hello double hung windows. last house had casement windows and I would have had to put Beamer in the basement becsause venting out upstairs would have been a booger.

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If I knew at one time, I’d forgotten…your GF has the same name as mine!

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